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Welcome to the UCSF Office of Research COVID-19 central clearinghouse for all UCSF COVID-19 related research and funding opportunities.

UCSF researchers responded quickly and continue to address the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought forth. Their investigations range from fundamental virology, immunology, epidemiology, diagnostic development, drug target identification, therapeutic development and testing, development of animal models, medical interventions, socio-behavioral impacts, computational modelling, and clinical implementation.

Created by the UCSF Office of Research and research stakeholders, this website is dedicated to encouraging and supporting COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 research collaboration on campus and within the global research community, as well as promoting targeted resources and housing funding opportunities aimed at COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Our goal is to serve as both a single central resource for the UCSF research community to find all of the information they need to build connections, find funding, and generate new knowledge in this critical time as well as an overarching view of the spectrum of scientific discovery currently in progress at UCSF in these two areas.

Members of the public are invited to learn about the range of our current research-in-progress and explore specific projects as well as opportunities to participate in clinical trials. Thank you for your interest in UCSF research.

UCSF researchers are encouraged to consider new and innovative cross-disciplinary collaborations. Researchers can take a deep dive into our work, finding detailed information on UCSF-based COVID-19 related research projects by topic, contact information for lead PIs, and funding opportunities. This information is available via MyAccess (see main menu Login link).

Funder Highlights

NIAID September 2021 DMID Council-Approved Concepts

Concepts represent early planning stages for program announcements, requests for applications, notices of special interest, or solicitations for Council's input. If NIAID publishes an initiative from one of these concepts, we link to it below. To find initiatives, go to Opportunities & Announcements.

NB: Council approval does not guarantee that a concept will become an initiative.

Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Concepts


UCSF COVID-19 related research funding summary:

The Office of Sponsored Research reports the following summary of COVID-19 related proposals and awards as of 8/7/22:

  • Total proposals: 903
  • Total requested: $1,342,267,049
  • Total awards: 399
  • Total awarded: $395,621,012

Want expert, up-to-date scientific or medical information on COVID-19?  Check out the highly valuable UCSF Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases & Global Medicine’s COVID-19 DIGEST, a weekly digest from the Cross-Campus Infectious Diseases COVID-19 Task Force.


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