How We Are Keeping You Safe

Your health is our number one priority. As we have progressed further into the COVID‐19 pandemic, UCSF has successfully created a safe environment for our patients and research participants who need to come onsite for their medical care or for clinical research. We are confident that it is very safe to come onto our premises. Here is what we have done to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • Daily Health Symptom Screenings: All of our employees, faculty, staff, patients, research participants, and visitors are required to perform a daily health screen at the start of each shift or before their visit.
  • Visitor Restrictions: We have limited the number of visitors allowed in our facilities, in accordance with local Public Health orders.
  • Face Masking: We require all employees, patients, research participants, and visitors to wear a face covering while they are at UCSF.
  • Physical Distancing: We have rearranged most clinics and internal spaces so that patients, research participants, employees and faculty can maintain appropriate physical distance. Even when physical distancing is not possible, the use of masks and other precautions provide necessary protection.
  • Cleaning and Disinfection: Our premises and shared equipment are cleaned and disinfected frequently. In clinical care exam rooms, our rigorous protocol includes cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, including exam tables, chairs, keyboards, computers, chinrests, and handles.
  • COVID‐19 Testing: We are requiring patients and clinical research participants to be tested for COVID‐19 prior to arriving at UCSF for hospitalization or certain procedures that might put others at risk for spread of the virus.
  • Separate COVID‐19 Screening Clinics: UCSF has set up three respiratory screening clinics, one pediatric screening clinic, and one mobile drive‐through testing site. By keeping those clinics separated from our regular clinics, we avoid mixing patients who may be infected with COVID‐19 with patients who are receiving other kinds of medical care or with clinical research participants.