COVID-19 Resources and Protections for Vulnerable and High-risk Communities

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Public Summary

The SARS-Cov-2 (COVID19) pandemic has led to striking care and disease disparities. A confluence of factors places vulnerable communities at risk for COVID19 and for poor outcomes. In particular, low-income communities, non-US born communities, and communities of color may face unique challenges, which include 1) limited access to accurate, up to date information regarding the health risks of COVID19, and limited access to healthcare services, including COVID19 testing; 2) increased exposure due to occupation and/or living circumstances that make social distancing and self-isolation more difficult. We propose a qualitative study to better understand the socio-economic barriers to self-isolation and access to COVID-19 care in vulnerable communities. On completion of this study we will identify a specific set of strategies that will form the basis of a multi-component intervention to mitigate socio-economic factors and unintended consequences that reduce effectiveness of COVID19 public health responses. This strategy will also inform the development of community-facing messaging about COVID19 resources and care that target limited English proficiency, low income, and minority-predominant communities.