RFA-MH-22-140 Understanding Suicide Risk and Protective Factors among Black Youth (R01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) aims to advance translational research to better understand factors that confer risk and resilience for suicide among Black youth. This FOA encourages research that is designed to identify neurobiological, behavioral, social, and structural/systemic mechanisms underlying risk and protective factors for suicide among Black youth, with consideration for identification of novel targets for future development of prevention and intervention efforts.This FOA is intended to support R01 research project grants that are adequately powered and of sufficient scope to examine the impact of empirically and theoretically suggested risk and protective factors on suicide and STB among Black youth, and the pathways by which these factors uniquely contribute to suicide related outcomes in this population. These studies should be adequately powered to definitively answer the primary research question(s), with well-justified hypotheses supported by pilot data. Support for earlier-stage exploratory developmental projects is provided via a companion FOA, RFA-MH-22-141.