NOT-NS-21-037 Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Impact of COVID-19 on Dementia Risk, Progression and Outcomes in ADRD Populations

NINDS is interested in applications for supplements to human subjects awards administered by the NINDS to conduct research on the effects of COVID-19 on the development of, or disease progression in, Alzheimer's Disease-Related Dementias (ADRDs). ADRDs include Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD), Lewy Body Dementia (LBD), Vascular contributions to Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (VCID), and Mixed Etiology Dementias (MED). Older adults are known to be especially vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, and COVID-19 infection commonly presents with neurological signs and symptoms. The effect of COVID-19 exposure on subjects who have, or are at risk for developing ADRDs is unclear. Investigators who are currently researching ADRD or at-risk for ADRD populations are encouraged to apply for additional support to examine the impact of COVID-19 in these subjects. Research topics of interest may include (but are not limited to):

  • The effect of symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection on progression to cognitive impairment or dementia in populations that are at risk for ADRDs.
  • The effect of symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection on progression of dementia in patients with existing ADRDs.
  • COVID-19 induced hyposmia/dysgeusia as a risk factor(s) for progression to dementia in at-risk for ADRD populations, or progression of dementia in people with ADRD diagnoses..
  • Evidence of new or worsening ADRD-related neurophysiology (e.g., small vessel disease, ischemia, or atrophy on MRI, alterations in blood or CSF proteins, etc.) that occur after symptomatic or asymptomatic COVID-19 infection.

Studies proposed in the supplement application must be within scope of the original parent application’s research. Applicants may request funds to cover the costs of additional subject enrollment, personnel, or assessments (e.g., COVID-19 testing, cognitive assessments, smell testing, neuroimaging).