NOT-HD-22-003 Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) - Administrative Supplements for Research of Emerging and Existing Issues of COVID-19 Related to the Health and Well-Being of Women, Children and Individuals with Physical and/or Intellectual Disabilities

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to provide an opportunity for funded researchers in these various fields to pursue supplemental funding to conduct research addressing these emerging and other existing COVID-related issues among pregnant and lactating people, infants, children and adolescents, and individuals with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. The goal of this NOSI is to not replace or to compete with the various COVID-related funding opportunities currently available. Instead, the purpose is to complement them by offering a funding opportunity for currently funded investigators to address key issues not currently covered by available COVID-related funding announcements among these populations. It is hoped that the use of administrative supplements will foster research in these key areas in the most timely manner. Research projects addressing issues that are the focus of currently available or future COVID funding opportunity announcements will be encouraged to submit to those announcements. Also, applicants responding to this NOSI are strongly encouraged to describe plans for the rapid sharing of data and results as well as innovative data analytics approaches. The sharing of COVID-related data and resources and the effective communication of results are a high priority of the NIH.