NOT-AT-22-004 Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Dissemination and Implementation Research to Advance Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health Preventive Interventions in School Settings

The purpose of this Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) is to stimulate dissemination and implementation research to support innovative approaches to identifying, understanding, and developing strategies for overcoming barriers to the adoption, adaptation, integration, scale-up and sustainability of evidence-based preventive interventions to support children’s mental, emotional, and behavioral (MEB) health in school settings. This NOSI encourages applications which focus on dissemination and implementation research to deliver interventions in the school setting that will promote healthy MEB development and/or prevent MEB disorders. Applications should include a focus on one of the following: (1) primary/universal prevention MEB programs designed to promote healthy MEB development by decreasing risk factors and increasing protective factors to prevent onset of an MEB disorder; or (2) secondary/selective prevention programs designed to support screening and early identification of MEB disorders to slow progression with early intervention. Applications focused on tertiary/indicated treatment of MEB disorders will be considered non-responsive to this Notice.