RFA-AT-23-003 Fostering Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral (MEB) Health Among Children in School Settings: Opportunities for Multisite Trials of Complementary and Integrative Health Interventions (Clinical Trial Optional)

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to support multi-site clinical trials in geographically diverse school settings to test the efficacy or effectiveness of complementary and integrative health approaches with physical and/or psychological therapeutic inputs (often called mind and body interventions) to promote mental, emotional, and behavioral (MEB) health and prevent MEB disorders among youth. The overall goal of this FOA is to provide support for a set of multisite trials to improve the evidence base of complementary and integrative health approaches that can be delivered in a school-based setting or with students to address the youth mental health crisis. Awards made under this FOA will support a milestone-driven planning phase (UG3) for one year with possible transition to a study conduct phase (UH3) of up to an additional four years. Total duration of the award will be a maximum of 5 years. Only UG3 projects that meet the scientific milestones and feasibility requirements will transition to the UH3 phase. The UG3/UH3 application must be submitted as a single application describing both phases and instructed in this FOA.